This site is for Upskilled students undertaking a course in the Community Services faculty. If you require personal support, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Our Services

Upside of Counselling Services

Individuals who engage with UoC for services are not only valued participants, but also have the opportunity to help shape and evaluate our programs. Community programs and services offered at UoC, are developed and delivered to give priority to individuals in marginalized communities and remain sensitive to the needs of diverse groups.

Programs are delivered in such a way that systemic barriers to full participation and access are eliminated, ensuring positive relations and attitudinal change towards marginalized groups is promoted. Services are provided with sensitivity to the influence of power and privilege in all relationships, including service relationships, and are delivered in keeping with anti-oppression principles.

Health & Diversity

UoC recognizes the diversity among its’ program participants and endeavours to promote the cultural, social and economic benefits that diversity brings to our community. UoC is also sensitive to the fact that oppressed groups experience marginalization and encounter barriers to full access and participation in the community. We seek to increase access and participation, especially for those who are marginalized, disadvantaged or oppressed.

Woman providing services